Justin Bieber’s Health Battle: What You Need to Know About Ramsay Hunt Syndrome

How long do symptoms last and how can you reverse paralysis?

In his Instagram video, Bieber didn’t have a specific time period of when he will feel 100 percent again. “We don’t know how much time it will be, but it’s going to be okay,” he told followers. “I have hope and I trust God.”

According to Dr. Panossian, time is of the essence when it comes to getting professional aid. “Treatment can involve giving some steroids, usually by mouth and some antivirals by mouth as well,” he said. “That can go on for about a week to 14 days of treatment to try to really knock out the inflammation and the source of the inflammation, which is theoretically the virus.”

As for when full function can return again? Every case is different, Dr. Panossian shared. “That could be anywhere from a week to up to three months sometimes,” he said. “That’s where the time is of the essence comes in. The longer it hangs out, the more troubling it is for people to recover from it thoroughly at the end of it.”

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