Simu Liu to Press Charges After Being Harassed By “Aggressive” Autograph Seekers

“Autographing for people who will just resell it on eBay is a personal choice. Sometimes we do it, but I don’t personally like to reward certain types of behaviour,” Simu wrote on his Instagram Story, per BuzzFeed. “Especially when the people get aggressive and invasive and make my real fans and supporters uncomfortable.”

He continued, “I’ve had a couple of bad experiences in a row where my personal space has been badly violated. Just know that if you cross that line for me or for my fans, there isn’t a chance in hell I’m ever gonna sign for you.”

Shortly after posting, fans flooded Simu’s social media channels with support. One fan tweeted, “Can’t believe people would do that. Scary. So glad you are safe.”

While another added, “I hope that it is understood that this kind of behavior is wrong and should NOT be a co-product of fame.”

In a reply to journalist Sydney McIntyre, Simu wrote, “At the end of the day it was just a couple bottles of soda but it’s indicative of a really toxic culture of autograph seekers (not all, some) that are willing to cross personal boundaries just to make a buck.” 

He concluded, “I’m not rewarding that behavior.” 

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