Olivia Rodrigo Reveals She Has “Minor” Synesthesia

The colors of Olivia Rodrigo‘s debut album have many shades of meaning.

The “drivers license” singer told Vogue in an interview for the 2022 Met Gala that she has “minor, baby synesthesia.” Synesthesia is a neurological condition in which, when one sense is activated, another unrelated sense is activated at the same time. In Olivia’s case, when she hears music, she also sees color. And when she’s listening to her own music, she sees a lot of the same color.

Olivia shared with Vogue, “Lots of the songs on SOUR are purple.”

She added, “‘drivers license’ is purple, but ‘good 4 u’ is like a purple-ly blue. ‘jealousy, jealousy’ is like bright red. ‘deja vu’ is like orange and pink and light purple.'”

Olivia’s condition also explains why all of her SOUR album cover and march is drenched in shades of purple. In fact, she’s made the color part of her signature aesthetic online and on tour.

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